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boutique Pilates studio located in Buderim

Nestled in the heart of Buderim, Sunshine Coast, Studio Fitness is a boutique reformer Pilates and multi-movement disciplinary studio passionate about empowering our clients to feel confident in their minds, bodies and movement.

We welcome all students regardless of their expression, abilities or skills. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer, we embrace everything that makes you unique! Our innovative, fun and challenging classes are designed to improve your strength, mobility, balance, coordination and overall well-being.

Our Buderim studio space is fully equipped with everything you need during your session, and with the guidance of a professional Pilates instructor, each session is tailored to your individual needs. This ensures that you receive expert guidance, allowing you to push boundaries and achieve your fitness goals.


Elevate your health journey with 14 days of unlimited classes* at Studio Fitness. For $60 You can experience the benefit of a robust fitness experience that combines the power of pilates, strength and conditioning.

*Offer valid for new members only for 14 days. T&Cs apply.



At Studio Fitness, our results speak volumes. But don’t just take our word for it – hear what our clients have to say about their Buderim Pilates experiences.



Get on track to a healthier you with our range of Studio Memberships. Sign up for a 12-week contract with easy direct debit payments. 

1 class per week


You will learn the exercises and gain some confidence in creating access to your core support.

Pause or cancel anytime with 2 weeks’ notice.

2 classes per week

$52 - $26 p/class

With more frequent practice comes more reliable control and an improvement in mobility, strength and stamina.

Pause or cancel anytime with 2 weeks’ notice.

3 classes per week

$72 - $24 p/class

If you’re looking to create change and develop whole body fitness using the Pilates method, 3
times a week is often the sweet spot.

Pause or cancel anytime with 2 weeks’ notice.



Designed for the movement enthusiast who desires specific Pilates strength and conditioning optimal movement goals.

Pause or cancel anytime with 2 weeks’ notice.


Can I share my membership?

Yes, Sharing is caring! With our memberships, you have the option to extend the benefits of your reformer Pilates membership to a family member or spouse. It’s a fantastic way to involve the entire family in their fitness journey at an affordable rate.

Ready to get the whole family moving? Contact Mel to set up your membership sharing and kickstart a healthier lifestyle together.



Choose the plan and classes that best suits your lifestyle, and enjoy the benefits of Pilates strength and conditioning without the commitment.



No strings attached / no commitment required. Drop in whenever you feel like it.

5 class pack

$175 - $35 p/ class

Class Packs are perfect for anyone who requires flexibility in their training schedule. Train as often or as little as you like. You save $5 per class compared to the Casual drop-in.

Cannot be paused or extended or family-shared. Valid for 12 weeks.

10 class pack

$320 - $32 p/class

Take advantage of this cost-effective option to maintain your Pilates strength and conditioning in your current training schedule.

Cannot be paused or extended or family-shared. Valid for 12 weeks

Transformative Classes In BUDERIM, SUNSHINE COAST


Guided by an experienced Diploma-trained Pilates Teacher / Personal Trainer, you’ll get all the attention you need to master proper technique and move effectively, whatever your fitness level and outcome goals.

woman doing reformer pilates buderim


Pilates is a 60 minute Pilates equipment class that teaches you the basic principles of the Pilates method while working on the Pilates equipment including the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Spinal barrel, Ladder Barrel and the Mat work and other specialised equipment. This class is a full body strength training session designed to improve strength, coordination, stamina and overall flexibility.

instructor helping a woman use weights for pilates class in Buderim


Invigorate is a 60-minute progressive Pilates and body conditioning class. Low impact integrated total body workout of Pilates Strength Conditioning movement. Designed to improve overall strength, balance, coordination, body awareness and core conditioning that targets big muscle groups around the hips, lower back, glutes and abs. This class uses the full Pilates studio equipment, TRX, barbell, kettlebell, weight plate and body weight exercises, completed with a series of stretches to finish the class.

Pilates participant watching her movements in the mirror


Elevate is a high energy 60 minutes Pilates Strength Conditioning class combining strength exercises with athletic movements designed to elevate your body’s physical capability to improve your cardiovascular and muscular endurance through circuit style training. This class uses the full Pilates studio equipment, TRX, barbell, kettlebell, weight plate and body weight exercises to target all major muscle groups completed with a series of stretches to complete the class.

woman using reformer equipment


Restore is a 60-minute Pilates stretch and mobility flow. Stretch, release and restore your body. Designed to assist with self-myofascial release. We start with the feet, then work up through the muscle groups of the legs and on to the spine where you’ll move and stretch through your range of motion. The nature of this class is slower, less dynamic approach using small props and Pilates equipment to reduce tight and tense muscles, increase flexibility and aid in recovery.

Enhance Your Flexibility & Boost Strength

Through a series of purposeful exercises, our Pilates classes prioritise core strength and mobility to unlock your body's full potential.

Stress-Free, Feel-Good Pilates Experience

With a focus on awareness and mindful movement using breath, you will leave our classes feeling energised, de-stressed and relaxed.

Move with Ease

Whether you're looking for injury rehabilitation, aiming for peak athletic performance, or simply wanting to enhance your overall health, our low impact, gentle exercises are the ideal solution.

Membership Details
  • All memberships, will be billed fortnightly via direct debit
  • 12-week contact – you must renew your contact every 12 weeks if you wish to continue
  • Membership can be cancelled at any time with 2 weeks written notice
  • LATE class cancellation less than 4 hours before the class forfeits the class
  • No show for unattended bookings forfeits the class
  • Unused classes are forfeited
  • We have 6 per class + Mel
  • Minimum of 2 people booked to confirm class
  • Late admittance is distracting, please arrive on time for your class to flow
  • A small towel and water bottle is encouraged to bring along with your Pilates socks. (now available in studio to purchase)