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Pilates class on a reformer machine


Pilates is a 60 minute Pilates equipment class that teaches you the basic principles of the Pilates method while working on the Pilates equipment including the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Spinal barrel, Ladder Barrel and the Mat work and other specialised equipment. This class is a full body strength training session designed to improve strength, coordination, stamina and overall flexibility.


Invigorate is a 60-minute progressive Pilates and body conditioning class. Low impact integrated total body workout of Pilates Strength Conditioning movement. Designed to improve overall strength, balance, coordination, body awareness and core conditioning that targets big muscle groups around the hips, lower back, glutes and abs. This class uses the full Pilates studio equipment, TRX, barbell, kettlebell, weight plate and body weight exercises, completed with a series of stretches to finish the class.


Elevate is a high energy 60 minutes Pilates Strength Conditioning class combining strength exercises with athletic movements designed to elevate your body’s physical capability to improve your cardiovascular and muscular endurance through circuit style training. This class uses the full Pilates studio equipment, TRX, barbell, kettlebell, weight plate and body-weight exercises to target all major muscle groups completed with a series of stretches to complete the class.


Restore is a 60-minute Pilates stretch and mobility flow. Stretch, release and restore your body. Designed to assist with self-myofascial release. We start with the feet, then work up through the muscle groups of the legs and on to the spine where you’ll move and stretch through your range of motion. The nature of this class is slower, less dynamic approach using small props and Pilates equipment to reduce tight and tense muscles, increase flexibility and aid in recovery.

Membership Details
  • All memberships, will be billed fortnightly via direct debit
  • 12-week contact – you must renew your contact every 12 weeks if you wish to continue
  • Membership can be cancelled at any time with 2 weeks written notice
  • LATE class cancellation less than 4 hours before the class forfeits the class
  • No show for unattended bookings forfeits the class
  • Unused classes are forfeited
  • We have 6 per class + Mel
  • Minimum of 2 people booked to confirm class
  • Late admittance is distracting, please arrive on time for your class to flow
  • A small towel and water bottle is encouraged to bring along with your Pilates socks. (now available in studio to purchase)